Interesting Developments in Tech Startups in Africa

As startup and innovation culture deepens on the continent, the explosion of tech hubs across Africa has shown no signs of slowing down. Think Africa and you probably won’t think of tech, am I right? There are been a swelling in the number of tech hubs across the continent. In fact, it has grown over 50% in the last year. These hubs are quite important because they play an important role be it in terms of community or business. The growth really helps to fuel innovation on this continent.

What can hinder growth is perhaps capital or lack thereof. A large number of hubs are not able to help companies to reach investors who may assist in funding their growth. One more thing can be a failure to provide the connections and advice to help companies evolve. Co-founder of the association of Tunisian Startups, Amel Saidane says that one can count the number of investment funds on the fingers of one hand. Plus, she says that the status of angel investor does not exist. She also says the government should reserve more public contracts for local start-ups.

With an increase in challenges, it is causing hubs to form alliances to deepen networks so that they can catalyse the best advice from around Africa so that they can access new markets. While it remains true that if you have an idea, you can be sure a few other people have had the same. If you can make it work, you can be sure that it can be exported to other markets.

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