Apple macOS Big Sur 11 — what does it entail for users?

Apple recently released the macOS Big Sur 11 and it is supposed to provide smooth and swift performance support to the consumers. In the most basic sense, Big Sur, through a series of minor tweaks and refinements, achieves the goal of making macOS look and feel more similar to iOS than it ever has before. In this blog, I wanted to discuss the features of this new OS and what it entails for the consumers.

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In terms of new features, the main aspect is the headline. The whole OS has a new look, which Apple says is its biggest design update to its desktop operating system since the debut of OS X. The tweaks might seem small but when perceived in an accumulated manner, it does offer a friendlier and modern aesthetic.

Apple really seems to want to make their Macs look like their iPhones and they have added the Control Centre appears in the Menu Bar on top and is similar to the one on iOS. This will allow users to see the settings for Bluetooth, Display Brightness, Keyboard Brightness, Volume, WiFi, all from this one point. The feature makes it easier to find system settings on macOS.

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Apple has also redesigned notifications in macOS Big Sur to bring them closer to how they appear on iOS. Widgets have been redesigned for notifications. But more importantly, notifications are now interactive and you can choose to reply to a message or delete a mail straight from the notifications panel.

One of the aspects that I really like is that Apple has brought back the Memoji feature for the Macs. The Memoji allows consumers to express themselves in funny and creative manners. I think for Mac users who might not have an iPhone or who might own an old iPhone, this will be a new feature.

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Another update that will be a bonus for consumers is the Optimized Battery Charging. The OS learns your daily charging routine and this gets activated when it predicts the Mac will be plugged in for a longer period. The idea is to reduce the wear on your battery and improve its lifespan. This will definitely be a huge plus for Mac consumers. Although it is worth mentioning that, this feature will only work on the Macs with thunderbolt 3 ports.

Overall, it seems like this new update will offer consumers a closer experience with iOS through their Macs. I do like the modern aesthetic in terms of design and I especially like the battery update. What do you all think of the Big Sur?

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