Apple AirPods Studio Headphones — features and more!

Apple is known for providing incredible tech-efficient products to its users. They changed the concept of smartphones to a huge extent with their iPhones and they also gave the wireless earphones concept a whole new meaning. Apple has been expected to announce and release its Apple AirPods Studio for quite some time but there does not seem to be any information available on it. In this blog, I want to discuss the expected features of the Apple AirPods Studio along with the speculated price as well.

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The Apple AirPods Studio is said to be the first Apple over-ear headphones — and they’ve been the subject of rumor for quite some time now. These rumors are increasing following leaked renders showing off the headphones. Although initially they were expected to be around 300$, it is now being speculated that these headphones will be priced in a higher range. The expected price at this point is 599%, although a cheaper variant is also in the works which are expected to cost around 350$.

The features in these headphones according to the leaked renders are as such :

  • It is expected to be made of high-quality leather/metal and will definitely give the luxe feeling similar to other Apple products.
  • It will be integrated with Magnetic ear cups for a better audio experience.
  • It will be reversible in nature and will be able to detect R/L ear
  • No headphone jack
  • USBC port
Image Source: Google

These specifications look decent, although it would have helped to have received more details. There is no confirmed info on the release date of these headphones but it is expected to hit the market max by 2021. I am impressed with the magnetic ear cups as it will be helpful even during HIT exercises because it will intact and in place. The detection of the ears is a nice touch and I have no doubt that it will have a luxury element and air to it.

Although the price aspect of these headphones is on the steep end, I don’t think Apple will have a dearth of interested consumers. I am definitely excited to see the audio experience that will be offered by them but I do wish for a lower price tag. Overall, the AirPods Studio does look pretty neat in terms of design and it can be expected to be integrated with reliable and efficient specifications as well. What do you all think of this new addition to the Apple audio experience?

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